2018 Detroit chapter accomplishments

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The mission of NAAAP Detroit is to cultivate, empower and connect leaders for professional excellence and to engage the community. Please visit www.naaapdetroit.org for further information.

NAAAP Detroit’s 2018 accomplishments:

  • Detroit held an Inaugural Annual Meeting on principle-based leadership
  • a well-received Learn & Grow series on topics like branding and creativity
  • American Etiquette Workshop
  • Member Mixer,
  • Community outreach at the DIA, and
  • Community Conversations on Emerging Careers.
  • Our membership has more than doubled in 2018, and
  • A healthy financial balance sheet

At the 2018 Annual Membership meeting on December 15, Detroit chapter members voted on and welcomed four new board members, Asim Alavi, Vice President; Daniela Buccaran, Secretary; Sharon Dow, Communication Committee Chair; and, Ann Hong, Membership Committee Chair. David Han stepped up as the Education and Career Development Committee Chair, while Kan Sun continues serving as Treasurer, Vince Mercader as Sponsorship Committee Chair, Joori Jung as Community Outreach Committee Chair, and Daniel Wang as Membership Committee Co-Chair.

In 2019, the chapter will continue its successful Learn & Grow series with topics such as “Life Purpose & Career Interest”; “Public Service and Community Engagement”; “Role Models & Mentoring”; “Trending Topics for Community Conversations”.

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