Lilian Cavaleri focuses on AAPI Talent

by | Jan 13, 2020 | NAAAP Blog, National News | 0 comments

headshot of Lilian Cavaleri, joined Exec Team 2019-November Lilian Cavaleri, Chief Inclusion Officer 

Lilian Cavaleri joined NAAAP’s National Executive Team as “CIO.”  The I is for inclusion.  Essentially our Chief Human Resources Director, Lilian will be addressing talent management for NAAAP.

Lilian Cavaleri is the Director of Business Analytics (BA) for CBRE since 2016. She is also the Chair for CBRE’s Asia Pacific Network (APN) and recently appointed as the Market Leader for the Pacific Northwest of Filipinos in Institutional Real Estate (FIIRE).

Since Lilian’s appointment as APN’s Chair in Dec 2016, she has authored the “APN Success Pyramid” and launched APN’s first major initiative the “Cultural Knowledge Program”. This educational program aimed at increasing cultural awareness by sharing business customs when doing business with APAC countries and communities. Lilian is now developing APN’s Professional Development Program and plan to implement in Q1/2 of 2020. Lilian plans to initiate a global vision for APN in two to three years. As of June 2019, under Lilian’s two-year leadership, APN has grown to 571 members.

As Director of the BA team, Lilian is responsible for managing analytic processes and strategies and leading a team of senior analysts to execute real estate business intelligence projects for CBRE’s current and future clients.

Before leading the BA team, Lilian was the Business Manager for Microsoft’s Integrated Facility Management and Account Operations for ten years. Lilian was responsible for Financial Management, Budgeting/Forecasting, Performance Management, Program Management of key client deliverables, Contract Management, Communications and Overall Administration. Lilian co-authored the development and execution of the first Employee Recognition “Applause” Program.

Prior to CBRE, Lilian held the positions of Director of Accounting Policy and Director of Business Process Improvement and successfully completed the Lean Six Sigma Certification at Safeco. Preceding Safeco, Lilian was the Assistant Controller for Nastech Pharmaceutical (now Marina Biotech), a biotechnical public company where her main responsibility was the Overall Financial and SEC Reporting. Lilian also supported the VP of Business Operations who managed Manufacturing and Research & Development.
For 27+ years, Lilian has held various leadership roles in Accounting, Finance and Business Management. She is highly regarded for her ability to hold a critical function within the organization by ensuring all client deliverables are met.

Lilian’s greatest strength is her ability to multi-task by being extremely organized while continuing to serve and meet the
requests of her client and customers.

Lilian earned an M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix and a B.S. in Accounting from Central Washington University.  She is also has a teaching certificate and a Lean Six Sigma certificate.