2019 NAAAP Accomplishments

National Programs

With a new level of volunteerism, innovation and leadership, NAAAP National and Chapters have accomplishments:

  • Five NAAAP 100 and Inspire Award winners, the first Pride award winner, National Leadership Academy, Leadership Convention, and the Employee Resource Group training program
  • Supported the formation of a new program, Self Care and Wellness, designed for chapters, ERGs, and sponsoring companies
  • Registered more than 25,000 people to chapters and national programs in 2019
  • Increased followers on various Facebook pages by 22% from 23,879 followers to over 29,000 followers including 4100 followers on NAAAP National’s Facebook page
  • Engaged 1002 people at the Leadership Convention in Kansas City, 534 as convention participants
  • Connected more than 300 job seekers with prospective employers at the Diversity Career Fair
  • Enrolled nearly 280 leaders in two ERG leaders training events