Virtual Career Fairs

organized by NAAAP

Our next Virtual Career Fair is scheduled for Feb 10, 2022 from 2:00-5:00 PM EDT.  

NAAAP is committed to helping diversity-minded employers identify and hire the most qualified candidates, regardless of their race, ethnicity, and membership in NAAAP.  As the workforce is becoming increasingly global and diverse, we are using technology to connect candidates to great organizations and important work.

See 3D image of the recruiters confirmed for a past Virtual Career Fair.

What to expect

A Virtual Career Fair is a scheduled online event where prospective candidates can interact with recruiters to learn more about job openings or apply for a role. NAAAP is planning stand alone VCFs, the next being Feb. 10, 2022.  

Organizational information and job postings will appear on our fair website and employer’s site,  the 3 hours of each Virtual Career Fair will consist of corporate spotlights (livestream/video meetings for recruiters to talk to multiple candidates who log on) as well realtime one-on-one interaction between recruiters and candidates like an in-person career fair.

For Recruiters

With the advent of technology and the precautions for the COVID pandemic, NAAAP’s Virtual Career Fair platform will enable recruiters to: (1) Submit hiring criteria or desired skills for screening job seekers and using chatbots to conduct that screening, (2) Schedule interviews before and during the career fair, (3) Build brand awareness for an employer and project the company’s mission, culture, and brand, and (4)  Chat using text or video with candidates.   We recommend two recruiters per VCF. (5) Premium recruiters will have a dedicated video-based realtime presentation spotlight. Link

Prices shown in the downloadable packet  shown are for private sector recruiters.  We can offer discounts to government, non-profit, and university recruiters.

For Job Candidates

Like an in-person career fair, a VCF will offer up to 25 recruiters, all with company information and some with job openings of the day or week.  Please register for our Feb. 10, 2022 VCF, at ,  or text ‘naaap’ to 919-925-4011 and prepare for it seriously as a possible turning point for you!  There is no registration fee.

(1) Get registered to receive updates by email and text. (2) Check periodically for confirmed recruiters. (3) Read How to Prepare for a Virtual Career Fair for tips offered by HR professionals. (4) Update your resume, clarify your career goals, and prepare a few talking points (your 30-second commercial).

What to expect? Watch this 2-minute video. 

Marketing Toolkit

(Share our event with job candidates in your university, community, and network).


Please feel free to invite job candidates — business graduate students, recent graduates, professionals with 1-10 years of work experience — to check out the Virtual Career Fairs.  Use verbatim or shorten this blurb:

NAAAP welcomes young and mid-career professionals, regardless of race, ethnicity, and membership in our organization, to our Virtual Career Fair on Feb. 10, 2022, 2-5 PM Eastern Time.  Details at 

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What to expect in the 4 weeks leading up to a Virtual Career Fair