NAAAP works with many human resource officers, chief diversity officers, ERG leaders, and people leaders across the country.  Each of them have insightful messages for recent graduates, mid-career professionals, and executives-to-be. The resounding common message is: Tell your story.  Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Activity, Result) competency method to write your resume.  Be authentic in your interviews, research your potential employer so you can ask good questions.


Here are a few recent great articles:



Write a resume I enjoy reading  (the STAR method)


8 cringeworthy interview mistakes (Note: knowledge of the company, keeping right pace, and dress to fit in)

Calm yourself before an interview 

Tips for a web-based/online interview (Remember that there may be a delay, so nod after a question but don’t rush to speak for fear of cutting off the interviewer mid-question.  And consider putting some positive notes on the wall behind the videocam so you are not always looking down at your notes.)


Nine Common Job Scams
*Remember that a legitimate recruiter and employer would never ask you for personal data (social security information, banking information, credit history or credit card number, or passwords) in an interview. You should not be asked to pay for an application or training for a new job.