Leading, Working and Parenting

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Leading, Working and Parenting

February’s theme is about “Home and Family”. Since COVID-19, work and home have been happening in the same place. Join us for a panel discussion about how working parents navigate career advancement and balance household responsibilities. Each panelist will share stories and insights on how they faced challenges and made compromises.

This panel discussion is part NAAAP’s 40th Anniversary with the theme of Limitless Leadership.

Since 1982, NAAAP has been convening emerging leaders and amplifying the Asian American voice and experience. In 2022, NAAAP is embracing the spirit of “Limitless Leadership” which is leaning into our principles and encouraging AAPI professionals to use their time and talent to transcend the workplace, family, and community regardless of geography.

Limitless Leadership is about breaking free from all the mental, physical, and societal barriers so we can soar higher to uplift ourselves, peers, and our community.