Membership Within NAAAP

It’s about you, your busy lifestyle and desire to be part of an organization that represents your career and community interests.

Joining NAAAP

Membership to NAAAP is available through your local NAAAP Chapter. Your membership is transferable, so if you move to a new city, your NAAAP membership moves with you too!

NAAAP members are:

If there is no chapter close to you and are interested in starting a new chapter, please contact us to learn more about starting your own chapter.

Career Driven

Your career is where you HAVE FUN and ADD VALUE. Additionally, NAAAP can provide you a great environment to network, learn best practices, meet prospective new hires, mentors, and mentees, and advance or diversify your career interests. NAAAP is pan-Asian and pan-professional and commits the organization to success, excellence and building leaders at all levels (ranks). Through our professional development workshops, we expose you to career choices and provide you the tools that every Asian American needs in today’s workplace.

Community Driven

Asian and Pacific Islander individuals who lead at work also should lead in the community. NAAAP chapters foster great relationships with the communities they live and work in. Through NAAAP, our members raise their voices individually and collectively to share our stories, experiences, perspectives, and needs. Your voice can be by what you say or do and when it is recognized, that ultimately leads to representation.

If you are Asian, you are a representative of the Asian American and Asian Canadian community in the eyes of everyone else. Assimilation does not mean the abandonment of your culture or your heritage; it means bringing your experiences and outlook into what is mainstream America and building a community around it.

NAAAP, through its many volunteer and charity efforts, engages Asian Americans into the community.


NAAAP Atlanta

4780 Ashford Dunwoody Road
Suite A – #443
Atlanta, GA 30338
Tel.(404) 654-2471

Started in 1997

NAAAP Boston

PO Box 51922
Boston, MA 02205 USA
Tel. (617) 227-1113

Started in 1986

NAAAP Chicago

P.O. Box 1619
Chicago, IL 60690
Tel. (773) 918-2454

Started in 1987

NAAAP Colorado

P.O. Box 181664
Denver, CO 80218

Started in 2006

NAAAP Dallas - Ft. Worth

7005 Chase Oaks Blvd.

Suite #125
Plano, TX 75025
Tel. (972) 983 3158

NAAAP Houston

P.O. Box 540601
Houston, TX 77254-0601

Started in 1994

NAAAP Kansas City

P.O. Box 410391
Kansas City, MO 64113

NAAAP Los Angeles

Huntington Beach, CA 92615-6844
Tel. (949) 436-7662

NAAAP New York

P.O. Box 2628
New York, NY 10163

Started in 1982

NAAAP North Carolina

P.O. Box 1096
Morrisville, NC 27560

Started in 1998

NAAAP Philadelphia

P.O. Box 473
Philadelphia, PA 19105-0473

Started in 2004

NAAAP Pittsburgh

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NAAAP San Diego

10606 Camino Ruiz Suite 8 #113
San Diego, CA 92126

NAAAP San Francisco

P.O. Box 282876
San Francisco, CA 94128

Started in 1996

NAAAP Seattle

P.O. Box 19888
Seattle, WA 98109

Started in 1992

NAAAP Toronto

P.O. Box 73-West Hill,
Toronto Ontario M1E 4R4
Tel. (416) 439-9700

Started in 2000

NAAAP Vancouver

P.O. Box 18518
710 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z 0B3

NAAAP Washington D.C.

P.O. Box 3402
Merrifield, VA 22116
Tel. (703) 507-4375

NAAAP Xiamen

Xiamen, China

Started in 2016