AT&T focused on digital equity

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NAAAP is in partnership with AT&T’s Public Policy group to raise awareness about technology, policy options, and the public good. 

Closing the Homework Gap

Blog post by Joan Marsh, Executive Vice President of Federal Regulatory Relations, Jan. 13, 2021

One thing we all learned last year was the power of connection – the critical need to stay digitally connected to our work, school, family and friends. It was a year that accelerated the move to digital, changing permanently how we communicate, learn and work. Sadly, nearly 17 million children across America are disconnected from online learning because internet access wasn’t available or affordable. No child should get left on the wrong side of the digital divide.

To address this challenge, throughout 2020, AT&T has taken action to support students, families and educators by providing connected devices and hotspots for K-12 schools and colleges and universities across the country.

Backed by one of the largest private full-time union workforces in the country (and the only unionized wireless provider), no other public company in America invested more in American infrastructure from 2015 to 2019. Through our $125 billion investment in U.S. wired and wireless networks, we are working to get more Americans connected.  The last year has shown us all, however, we cannot do it alone.  As we scale our investments in robust broadband networks there is more we can do together.

2021 presents us with an opportunity to finally solve this problem

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