2019 San Jose Chapter Accomplishments

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2019 San Jose Programs

June 8, 2019 | Silicon Valley AAPI Civic Leadership Summit

The 2019 Silicon Valley Asian American & Pacific Islander Civic Leadership Summit is a special community event bringing together community-based organizations, public officials, activists, legislative staff, professionals, and students.

With a theme of “Stepping Up to 2020”, anticipated outcomes of the 2019 Civic Leadership Summit will include identification of issues affecting our community, AAPI community involvement for a 2020 Census complete count and voter registration, and increasing civic participation.

Special speakers include Congressman Ro Khanna and Prof. Karthick Ramakrishnan, a leading researcher of API civic participation, immigration policy, and founder of AAPIData.com 

June 26, 2019 |Telling Our Stories Through Independent Film: A Panel Discussion

Filmmaking can be as simple as recording an event,  such as taking a cell phone video. However, the art of Visual Storytelling delves much deeper. Visual Storytelling captures not only an event,  be it fictional or historical, but also the nuances surrounding the event that provide richness and depth, making the story that much more compelling. Such Asian stories could be a box office success like Crazy Rich Asians, a recently previewed biography of Mayor Ed Lee, or a Filipino folktale about mythical creatures. Hear from independent filmmakers who are telling Asian stories through film – why they do it and the challenges they face.

Sep. 21 , 2019 | Hike Mission Peak: NAAAPSJ Wellness Event

3-part financial management series “Thriving Financially in Silicon Valley”

Monthly networking dinners