Career Mentoring

NAAAP’s networking & mentoring program helps participants gain career insights and connect with professionals from and beyond the NAAAP community.  

Using the KIP101 technology platform, the program aims to make career knowledge, mentorship and networking available to all members on demand.

Who is NAAAP’s Partner KIP101?

KIP101 (“Knowledge Is Power, 1-on-1”) is a mission-driven organization that aims to make impactful career insights available to every person on demand.  To learn more, watch this NAAAP-KIP101 webinar or go to

What are the benefits of participating in KIP101?

Mentees/Knowledge Seekers:

you will have opportunities to have 1-on-1 conversations with NAAAP and non-NAAAP professionals to gain personalized career insights and take your career to the next level.  You will also have access to a library of people’s reviews of their career paths.

Mentors/Knowledge Providers:

you will have opportunities to lend a helping hand and pass your wisdom on, based on your own schedule and availability.   

Everyone will benefit from opportunities to network and develop new professional relationships.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, go to and use the code “NAAAP40”.  

How do I use the KIP101 platform?

After signing up, verify your email address and complete your profile in the Profile module.  Then you will get access to all the platform modules, including:

  • Community: where you search and contact NAAAP & non-NAAAP Knowledge Providers
  • Knowledge Bank: where you read and contribute career path reviews
  • Profile: where you complete your profile and specify your preferences
  • Dashboard: where you manage your account
  • Reward: where you redeem rewards using credits you’ve earned