updated June 21, 2020


NAAAP’s 4-point plan to address racism.

1. NAAAP’s Self Care and Wellness team can refer licensed trauma counselors and facilitators to assist in difficult conversations surrounding today’s social unrest. Contact [email protected]
2. LEADING IN A TIME OF CRISIS: NAAAP hosted a community gathering during which six of NAAAP’s diverse board members and our Interim President spoke about what leaders do in times of crises – the COVID-19 global pandemic and the on-going racism pandemic. 
Listen to the full recording.  An annotated summary is coming.
3. BYSTANDER INTERVENTION TRAINING  This training offers 5 ways to address harassment and bias when you see it happening. We feel that this training will help NAAAP members speak up and advocate for ourselves and others in a safe and personally suitable manner.
You can sign-up for 1-hour training here thanks to a partnership between IHollaback and AAJC.  If your chapter would like NAAAP to bring this training to up to 1000 members, please contact Junann Lopez.
4. TASKFORCE FOR INCLUSION:  On Juneteenth (June 19), a dozen NAAAP national and chapter leaders met to discuss our commitment to anti-racism and inclusion. We identified short term goals and a longer-term strategy to provide resources and education aroung implicit bias and forming partnership with organizations that address institutional racism. If you have the bandwidth, connections, and passion for this work and wish to join us, please contact Cyndy Yu-Robinson, Executive Director.


Below is merely a start of the resources NAAAP is curating.  If you wish to suggest an addition, please email [email protected]

In-Language information about racism

In-language information about Black Lives Matter and Institutional Racism

  • Letters for Black Lives provides text and images that explain the situation of racism and its impacts on Black people and other people of color.  These can be posted in social media accounts or shown to people with Limited English Proficiency (like my grandmother) in Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Laotian, Persian (Farsi), Spanish, Tagalog, and Urdu.
  •  https://lettersforblacklives.com/shareable-images-2d474b903562
Potential Partner Organizations

Organizations working towards Racial Equity

Businsesses with CSR including anti-racism

Articles and links to organizations whose corporate social responsibilities address marginalized communities.


Ben & Jerry’s statement, June 2, 2020

Corporations speak out about racism and policyt brutality (article and link to hundreds of corporate statements)

Reading List for Adults

Suggested titles are below.

If you can borrow a hard copy or an e-book from your local library, great!  If you cannot, we’ve listed black-owned bookstores who will ship some or all of the titles.  And of course, you can order an audio or e-book copy on your Kindle or Nook.

  • White Fragility, author: Robin Diangelo (2018)
  • So You Want to Talk about Race, author: Ijeoma Oluo (2018)
  • How to be Anti-Racist, author: Abram Kendi (2019) 
Reading List for Teens and Kids

…coming soon.

Programs about Race and Anti-Racism
Reporting Racist Incidents