#HerAAPIStory Banner


The Center for Asian Pacific American Women (CAPAW), Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP), and National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) invite you to share #herAAPIstory.

Join us by recording your story. We plan to amplify and honor all the participants with a special video at the end of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

How to join?

Using your phone or camera, record a short video to share your truth. We ask that you use the script below to help structure your story.  


Tone: in a slow, deliberate, unapologetic, and confident pace.

Part 1: I am _____________, I am _____________, and I am _____________,. 

Part 2: [Add personal story or background for texture. Keep it to three sentences.] 

Part 3: [End with the call to action] I am writing my own narrative. Join me, as I take charge of my story.

Here’s a montage to inspire your story.


  1. Film your video horizontally.
  2. Post your video on Instagram.
    Use #HerAAPIStory hashtag and tag @naaap_national so we can re-post.
  3. Share your video with us by 11:59pm PST Monday, May 24 so we can include you in our special montage.

Things to Consider

  • Find a quiet space to get the best audio quality and little background noise
  • Make sure you have good lighting so we can clearly see your face
  • Shoot from the chest up and
    try to be in the center of the video
  • Stick close to the script for consistency, but add your personal touch

We look forward to your video!