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Our speakers are in high demand from Fortune 500 companies, Government agencies, and the Media

NAAAP has a reach of more than 20,000 Asian leaders in North America. Our Speakers Bureau is powered by those leaders who speak professionally to elevate Asian American representation, to engage and educate diverse audiences, and to give an authentic voice to issues you care most about.

Contact us today to book the best speakers to SUPERCHARGE your event, training, or panel: speakersbureau@naaap.org

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What is a Speakers Bureau?

A Speakers Bureau is a system to organize and optimize speaking engagements for clients and speakers. NAAAP speakers are vetted for their professional speaking success and for exemplifying the standards of professionalism and leadership that NAAAP represents.

What is a Speaker Expo?

The best of the best speakers gather at the Speaker Expo to showcase their talents, which facilitates immediate booking from NAAAP sponsors, event planners, ERG and DEI leaders, and the general audience.

For years, many programs, shows, and conferences have featured Asian and Pacific Islander (API) speakers. Their focus has not been on reframing public opinion. In fact, never has there been such a focus.

Today, API speakers and Allies are ready to transform public perception about API professionals, while honoring our cultural values.

Event website: PublicSpeaking4everyone.com   Contact Expo Director Mandy Sha

Why should I select NAAAP Speakers Bureau (NSB)?

We are the official system for engaging API speakers and Allies in North America. We excel in providing subject matter expertise in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Career development in the business, law, healthcare, and entertainment industries, as well as in the academia, the Government, and entreprenuership
  • Mental health awareness and wellness
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging
  • Social justice,
  • Personal development; and
  • Current information about the API population, issues, and outlook

Our speakers significantly elevate the value of events, amplify authentic and authoritative API voices and interests, and are experienced with a variety of settings, formats, and modes. For example:

  • Settings: formal, casual, motivational, humorous, and informational
  • Formats: keynote, panel, fireside chat, Q&A, workshop, and event emcee
  • Modes: virtual, in-person, hybrid, TV, radio, podcast, and social media

In addition, you will be supporting NAAAP, a 501(c)(3) charity, and your booking is part of a tax-deductible sponsorship.

See Featured Programs and Featured Speakers

Who are part of the Speakers Bureau?

We pride ourselves in offering a diverse roster of speakers that comprise API leaders and Allies. See Featured Speakers.

NAAAP has been building leaders for 40 years. Over the years, we have screened, cultivated, and interacted with hundreds of Asian speakers and Allies for conferences and audiences. We have recommended topics and speakers to countless corporate sponsors in subject areas ranging from executive presence, career accelerators, mentoring, race and ethnicity, gender and gender identities, perceived barriers, cultural agility, mental fitness, public speaking skills, best practices, #StopAsianHate, and the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. See Featured Programs.

How do I book a speaker?

Contact us and we will assign a staff member to be your single point of contact. We will focus on your wants and needs (topic, setting, format, and mode) and provide you with a list of speakers to choose from based on your preferences, budget, and timeline. We will also help you make an informed decision about any tradeoffs and share our professional experience to maximize success at your event.

We will prepare a contract for you (the event host) to sign and assist with marketing collateral you may need. We will arrange a tele- or video-conference to discuss details such as audio-visual requirements, travel, and audience engagement.

How much do NAAAP speakers charge?

Professional speaker fees range from $250 to over $10,000 an hour, and in an in-person setting, the fee could include air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, incidentals such as parking and tips. If you have concerns about your budget, please contact us and we are happy to discuss creative options.

I am a professional speaker. How do I apply to join NAAAP Speakers Bureau (NSB)?

Speakers of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. A successful candidate must have a track record of speaking professionally and have volunteered time and talent for NAAAP as a Convention or Chapter event speaker or as a local- or national-level leader. CLICK HERE to start the application process to become a Distinguished Affiliate with the NSB.

I have presentation experience but I am not a professional speaker. Can I still apply to join the Speakers Bureau?

Yes, CLICK HERE to start the application process to become an Affiliate with the NSB. Speakers of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Why should I go through the Speakers Bureau rather than going direct to a speaker?

Our Speakers Bureau increase the value you enjoy five fold:

  1. Many speaker options
  2. Professional staff to maximize your event success
  3. Exceptional customer service achieve your desired outcome, while balancing your desired budget, timeline, and technology.
  4. We in conjunction with NAAAP's other programs provide comprehensive and high-quality programming
  5. You will be supporting NAAAP, a 501(c)(3) charity, and your booking is part of a tax-deductible sponsorship.
What happens if my speaker cancels or doesn't show due to an emergency?

In the rare event that a speaker has to cancel due to an emergency (personal or travel delay), we will immediately provide an equitable replacement speaker or assist with rescheduling. The speaker agreement will cover potential cancelations.

How do we provide feedback after a speaking engagement?

We welcome your feedback on the process, the ease of booking, and the quality and effectiveness of the speakers and our programs. We can provide digital and printable speaker evaluations for you and your audiences, and we also welcome your feedback via email or telephone.

What is the history of the Speakers Bureau?

According to NAAAP historians, the concept was conceived circa 2011. Over the years, many leaders worked on operationalizing the concept.

For example, in 2019, then Executive Director Cyndy Yu-Robinson created the "NAAAP Speaks" program in response to requests for speakers. In the summer of 2021, NAAAP Board Member and Past National President & CEO Fabian de Rozario identified a small group of NAAAP-vetted speakers as a precursor of what we call today "NAAAP Speakers Bureau".

On May 19, 2022, the Speakers Bureau officially launched under founding director Mandy Sha. She and her team established a professional infrastructure, managed requirements from all stakeholders in the NAAAP organization, and accelerated reputation building as "the official system for booking Asian & Pacific Islander speakers and Allies in North America".

On January 16, 2023, Stan Fujii took the reins as the Speakers Bureau Director.

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