Celebrate APA culture, traditions, history, and contributions

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, more commonly called Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, is a time to celebrate the culture, traditions, history and contributions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. 

At NAAAP, we insist that we are physically distant but socially connected.  Therein our theme for APA Heritage Month came to light:  Community, Connection, and Collaboration.  

Ways To Celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

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APAHM Wednesday Webinars

May 6    •    May 13    •    May 20    •    May 27

May 6  •  7PM EDT

Asian Americans: From Exclusion to Achievement

Our first APA Heritage Month program will cover the history of Asian Pacific Americans in the U.S. and the genesis of APA Heritage Month. Speakers Barb Lee and Heidi Kim will hold a fireside chat about the evolution from overt racism and xenophobia towards APAs to celebration of APA achievements.

Speakers: Barb Lee, filmmaker, and Heidi Kim, UNC professor  

Barb Lee Heidi Kim

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May 13  •  7PM EDT

Asian American Identity and Self Compassion during Covid-19

Dr. Ravi Chandra will teach the founding principles of Mindful Self Compassion, lead us in some self-compassion meditations, and also give perspectives on how to deal with microaggressions.  Ravi Chandra, M.D. is a psychiatrist and writer in San Francisco, and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

Speaker: Dr. Ravi Chandra, Psychiatrist & Writer.

Dr Ravi Chandra
Dr. Ravi Chandra

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May 20 • 2 PM EDT

Asian ERGs - Connecting with their Communities

Join NAAAP for a view of how Asian ERGs are making a meaningful impact on their communities. Hear success stories, metrics, challenges, and solutions from Fortune 500 companies whose Asian ERG leaders make a difference.

If you lead an Asian ERG and wish to share your story in this webinar as an invited speaker, please contact erg@naaap.org

May 27  •  7PM EDT

Asian Pacific American Activism through Queer History

While Asian Pacific American history and queer history have grown tremendously as disciplinary fields, queer Asian Pacific Islanders remain strangely absent despite their more than 150-year presence in America. “Breathing Fire” synthesizes existing works in queer API studies across disciplines to craft a narrative that underscores the central role of API queers in the making of a modern gay American identity in the 19th century and in the activation of radical social movements in the 20th century.

Speaker: Amy Sueyoshi, Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University.

Amy Sueyoshi is the Dean of the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University, the first and longest standing college of its kind, which houses the five departments of Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Asian American Studies, Latina/o Studies, and Race and Resistance Studies. They are a historian by training with a B.A. from Barnard College and a Ph.D. from University of California at Los Angeles. Amy’s research area lies at the intersection of Asian American Studies and Sexuality Studies. She has authored two books Queer Compulsions: Race, Nation, and Sexuality in the Affairs of Yone Noguchi and Discriminating Sex: White Leisure and the Making of the American “Oriental.” They also served as a founding co-curator of the GLBT History Museum, the first in the nation; seeded the intergenerational Dragon Fruit Oral History project at API Equality Northern California; and co-chaired of the inaugural Queer History Conference 2019 hosted by the Committee on LGBT History. Amy is the recipient of numerous awards including the Clio Award for their contribution to queer history and the Phoenix Award for their service to the Asian and Pacific Islander queer women and transgender community. San Francisco Pride honored Amy as a Community Grand Marshal in 2017.

Amy Sueyoshi

Amy Sueyoshi

photo: Paul Asper

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