Introducing KIP101 & NAAAP

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Introducing KIP101 & NAAAP

A new partnership to bring you impactful career insights on demand.

National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) has come a long way since our founding in 1982 in New York City as an organization for young Asian professionals. Today, we are a global organization with over 25 chapters in the US, Canada, and China with a network of 25,000 professionals of various disciplines and levels of experience.

Our members love to help each other advance professionally and give back to the community, so this year, we’re launching a new mentoring & networking program to help our members do more of that. We have joined forces with KIP101, a mission-driven startup that aims to make impactful career insights available to every person on demand.

In case you missed the webinar, please watch the recording linked here.

What is the goal?

The goal of the program is to facilitate more career-oriented knowledge sharing and connections among members across all of our chapters. Especially as traditional “coffee chats” and “water cooler chats” are in decline as a result of the pandemic, we wanted to provide members with another channel to get impactful, personalized, timely, and perspective-broadening career insights.

What are the benefits?

For those seeking to take their career to the next level, you will have opportunities to have 1-on-1 conversations with both NAAAP and non-NAAAP professionals to gain career insights and advice, as well as access to a Knowledge Bank containing people’s candid reviews of their career paths.

For those seeking to share their knowledge and lend a helping hand, you will have opportunities to mentor those seeking career assistance (either on a one-off “flash mentoring” basis or longer term, as you prefer) and contribute written career insights to the Knowledge Bank.

All participants will benefit from opportunities to network and develop new professional relationships.

How do I use KIP101?

To use the platform, you need to first verify your email address and complete your profile in the Profile module after signing up. The platform’s 4 main modules are:

  • Profile module: where you complete your profile and specify your preferences, including whether to use the platform as a Knowledge Seeker, Knowledge Provider or Both Seeker & Provider
  • Community module: where you search and contact NAAAP Knowledge Providers (by chapter or across chapters) and non-NAAAP Knowledge Providers
  • Knowledge Bank module: where you read career path reviews written by Knowledge Providers
  • Dashboard module: where you manage your account and indicate which NAAAP chapter you belong to (in the Groups section)

Find more detailed instructions and a “How To Use KIP101” video on the website here and attend our webinar on February 23 at 3-4 pm ET with KIP101 founder, Grace Chao!

How do I sign up?

To sign up, go to and use the code “NAAAP39”. After joining, you can indicate your NAAAP chapter in the Group section of the Dashboard module.

KIP101 & NAAAP Fact Sheet
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In case you missed it, please watch the webinar recording linked here.

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Introducing KIP101 & NAAAP