Women in NAAAP! Negotiation Workshop

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Women in NAAAP! Negotiation Workshop

We often think of negotiation as an intense, single interaction event—put on your power outfit, assert yourself, drive a hard bargain. In reality, we all negotiate every day; from advocating for yourself with the team at work to choosing a restaurant with a friend or partner, we naturally negotiate with those around us. This is great news, because it means that great negotiation skills are within reach. It also means that, with a little training, we’re all poised to negotiate for more value, higher cooperation, and stronger relationships in our workplaces, homes, and schools.

The First Session (April 6th, 7-8:30pm) will cover the essential elements of successful negotiations, including tactical skills to shift interactions in favor of creating more value—to get more of what you want by knowing what to offer and what to ask for. Primary topics include: identifying key interests, generating creative options, and understanding the power of your alternatives.

The Second Session (April 13th, 7-8:30pm) will cover negotiating difficult conversations, including material on emotional triggers, power dynamics, and persuasion. Throughout this session we will translate material practical application in relevant situations, focusing on how we can bring our best negotiation and advocacy skills to be an effective ally.